A little bit about me, how I see things and what brought me here to share this with you

My name is Andy Wilson. I’m 44 years old and have lived in London my entire life, the past 14 years of which with my lovely partner Helen. The both of us are forever grateful for the blessing of our two children Ella (11) and Jake (7) who constantly bring meaning and value to our lives. The loving sense of fun we have with each other is key to striking that delicate balance between realising our full potential and living each day lighthearted and happy.

Irrespective of whether you have children or not, I think it’s possible for anyone to understand the desire to invest a huge amount of time and effort into the positive development of our children. Not just from the point of view of seeing them grow up happy and do well in life, but also to uphold a high standard of human behaviour and understanding for generations to come. Because our world is only as happy as the people living in it, and a well adjusted sense of balance and an appreciation for the value of community can only serve the human race well, whilst on it’s tentative journey to discovering where we’re going next.

And on that subject of where we’re going next, bear with me for a moment as it’s entirely relevant to why I’m here sharing this with you. It is in fact, fundamental to the optimistic and energetic message of hope that I know is my calling to share with those who want to know more.

I see the world right now as being on the cusp of massive change

Now, first of all, I’d ask you to pay close attention to what feelings that statement brings up for you? Do you see the idea of massive change in the world as a scary, negative thing? If so, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. I know from my own past experience, how scary that can be. However, now I also know that fear was caused by a simple lack of perspective. In searching relentlessly for many years for how I could be free of that anxiety, I see it as both my prize and my purpose that my current perspective now works very much for the benefit of both myself and those around me. Being so passionate about sharing that liberating and empowering insight (with those who want to hear it), was one of my main reasons for building this website. This allows me to be of genuine service to people, purely out of my own experience. This is my own individual value that I can offer the world, and as a result keep on growing and learning myself.

As I sit writing this, I truly feel this is an incredible time to be alive, and holds so much exciting potential for that change to be directed in a positive direction, as with with great change comes great opportunity. Technology is approaching a tipping point, where it will alter the face of our planet faster and more extensively than ever before. And as a species, we’re standing at the doorway to the next great leap of evolution. I also see it as a very positive thing that we’re going through that doorway whether we like it or not, as it will challenge us to be the very best we can be. Like I say, at the end of the day it all comes down to our perspective. Seeing as this is happening, we can either choose to resist and deny it, therefore become a victim of it, or we can accept and embrace it, evolve and grow into much better equipped and therefore much more fortunate beings.

It’s for this very reason that I see it more important than ever to equip ourselves and our children with the tools required to not just survive, but THRIVE in times of great change. When I say “tools”, I don’t mean tech devices, although the knowledge of how to effectively use these things will only become more important. Instead, I mean a radical new form of education that will provide us with a profound understanding of ourselves. In truly understanding what we are, and where we’ve come from, we can gain a better perspective in order to navigate our way forward. In realising our own inherant, individual value, we develop the skills required to live life joyfully and confidently no matter what it throws at us. The main thing to remember here, is that it’s not what happens that defines us, but how we respond.

A huge part of what helps us get in touch with living in this way, is knowing what it is we love to do. If time and money were no object, what is that thing we’d quite naturally be inclined to live our lives doing? That thing is obviously different for everyone. Maybe it’s climbing mountains, re-building vintage cars, tending to a garden, or travelling the world. Personally, I’m immensely passionate about music and sound. Especially electronically synthesized sound, which dovetails nicely into my fascination for technology. But whatever the subject, for each person the result is the same. Complete immersion in an activity of their choosing that allows them to forget about themselves, and just be happy in the moment.

At the point of being asked what that thing is for them, many people will be hesitant in allowing their imagination free reign to indulge in exploring something they see as ultimately futile. This is because they have limiting beliefs that are expressed in ways such as “But time IS a problem because I have to earn money, and it doesn’t grow on trees you know”. This is a perfectly understandable response. I get it, I really do. But, if we are truly sick and tired of feeling like we don’t have enough time or money to do the things we really want to do, if we’re stuck in a pattern of not feeling great about our life, then we need to stop for a minute and take time to realise the world is only the way it is because we make it that way. If we want different results than we’ve had in the past, we need to employ a different approach and way of thinking than we’ve had in the past. Thinking in the same way will only get us the same results. By refusing to imagine it any other way, we’re immediately blocking any kind of solution. And in so doing, we just reinforce the prison walls.

So, if time and money were no object, what would that thing be for you? Don’t be afraid to dream just because the world suggests it’s a waste of time. Because, I’m here to tell you that it absolutely isn’t a waste of time. In fact, it’s your responsibility as a human being to explore that. And no matter who you are or what your background, you should know that you have the same tools at your disposal as anyone else. The only deciding factor is going to be who you are listening to. Is somebody or something else in control of your life? …or are you going to take the wheel and learn how to drive this thing? And guess what… If you decide to embrace your freedom, which is your birthright, there are many people around the world that will be standing by your side, and growing with you …I’ll be one of them.

So, what brought me here to share this website with you? ...My guess is it’s probably not all that different from the things that brought you here to read it. Click here to read more about my story.

To cut a long story short, I spent a lot of my life drifting in and out of jobs I didn’t enjoy one little bit, because the whole time I knew I wanted to be working with my lifelong passion of music. But to me (at the time), I had no idea how to make an effective living from music in a time when the whole industry seemed like it was falling apart. The will was always there, but the knowhow was what I lacked.

For a long period of time, I earned my living as a Fire Alarm Engineer and managed to fuel my interest in music by keeping it as a hobby. But after the birth of my daughter Ella in 2007, I realised that my time to even have music as a hobby was on the decline. This was a problem for me as work was something I just put up with so I could enjoy the evenings and weekends. If music was being pushed out of my life, then I clearly had to find a way of enjoying what I did every day.

Career change
I decided to completely change my career. The Fire Alarm Engineering was a good job, but one that I’d fallen into out of necessity. I needed to feel the benefit of making my own choices and a fresh start, so started to think about what it was I was going to do. Music was the obvious choice, but one I felt was even more out of my reach than ever. I had spent a couple of years making music for TV which had yielded some good but sporadic results. But now, I felt I needed something more reliable with a more predictable income to support my new family. 
I had a good friend who was a Graphic Designer and who often showed me work I was fascinated in seeing. I had always liked art and was good with computers. I also knew I had a good eye for detail and so Artworking presented itself as a good second choice to me.

I decided to go for it. I saved up enough money to support my family for 6 months and resigned from my job with a view to teaching myself what I needed to learn, in order to get a job in design. Looking back now, I realise how crazy that sounds, but I completely believed in what I was doing. I worked at home every day to study all the necessary Adobe software applications. Within 4 months I was applying for Artworking jobs, and within 5 months I had one. I was 100% certain I could do the job, and do it well. I just needed to be given the opportunity of making a start, and that’s what I got. I was over the moon with that achievement and made rapid progress in my new position.

Life was good for about 4 years, working as part of a small but growing agency. However, as they continued to grow, several people were brought into the frame that massively changed the internal culture that had forged many good friendships. Clients were becoming more and more difficult, and the accounts team were giving in more and more to their madness. It seemed that even those responsible for upholding the integrity of the creative work were giving in far too easily. In no time at all, we were regularly working into the night on work that wasn’t even satisfying to finish. And nobody of any power seemed to care enough to do anything about it which I thought was a massive shame.

Even though it meant working stupid hours, my diligence in never missing a deadline in spite of clients’ ridiculous demands, meant I was often put in the position of managing the studio team at least once or twice a week. I didn’t mind this at all and enjoyed the responsibility if I’m honest. It certainly proved to me I was capable as things always got done well, and on time.

But the politics were to get the better of me after all. People who were previously friendly and trustworthy started siding with those who had an agenda of dividing for their own personal gain. People started to be pushed out as they moved more subservient and lesser skilled people into place for less money. I started receiving threatening emails from upper management and was obstructed from doing my job in the most personal and insulting ways.

Due to the endless hours of my life that I’d spent keeping things running, the endless hours of my daughter’s life that I’d missed as a result, I fought against it. I wasn’t going to be pushed out. But it ended up making me ill, which to me was too big a sacrifice to pay, and I finally gave in and resigned. This whole experience was extremely negative and affected my outlook for some time, but is now something I look back on as one of the best things that ever happened to me. I learnt so much, and it kick-started my absolute steadfast resolution to never work for someone else ever again.

My own freelance business
I knew exactly what I needed to do next. I met with my accountant to set up a limited company and go freelance. I set up meetings with recruitment agents who I had already been using to hire other freelancers into our studio. And before I knew it, I was off and running. Building my own client base with my own business.

Straight away, I noticed I was loving the detachment from office politics. Loving the varied work in varied agencies across different parts of London. And of course, who wouldn’t enjoy earning twice as much money? On top of all that, I was in constant work and experiencing so much more appreciation for my efforts. This gave me the proof I felt I needed, that I was worth so much more than my previous experience of employment had let me believe. It felt really good.

Fast forward a couple of years, and a less favourable change was beginning to creep up in the background. London’s population had gone up by over 1 million extra people in the past 5 years and the transport system was beginning to crack under the strain. The daily commute had become quite ridiculous and was starting to really bother me. The hours people were expected to work, with no prior notice, was well into 12-16 hours per day. Overtime pay had disappeared. The internal culture within the agencies was moving away from creativity and communication, and more toward manipulation and a lack of trust. And all the time, slowly but surely, it was becoming the norm so people started to expect it, and accept it.

It was all too similar to what I had previously seen and I was fast losing any interest in being involved with this way of life. I began to care less and less about keeping up to date with the latest techniques. This disconnection with my own personal growth was massively out of character which I found really confusing but also lead to me becoming less engaged, intensely bored and frustrated.

To top all of this off, the time I had to spare for my family was in shorter supply than ever. All I ever seemed to do was get up when it was dark, go to work in an office until it was dark again, and return home, eating late, never getting enough sleep and certainly not having any energy left to do the things that were important to me. Only to return and repeat the same pattern the next day. Even the weekends were ruined as I spent the whole time recovering from the week.

Over the next year, this just got worse. The more I saw of how people were being controlled and governed by fear, the less inclined I felt to put myself in a position of having to witness it. I was becoming increasingly cynical, but at the same time felt my need to remain positive for the sake of my sanity. Each new thing I tried to bring myself around, brought an initial improvement followed by a sharp decline. After a while, it became clear I was flogging a dead horse. Having always been able to re-invent myself, stress started to really kick in because this time I knew it was different. I had nothing left to try that I felt could bring happiness back into my life, and that really scared me.

Being someone who enjoys being part of a positive group dynamic, I can look back now and realise I was entirely dependent on my circumstances to make me happy. Spending so much time around situations that made me unhappy, was pushing me into a corner and stripping all the joy from my life, because I didn’t understand what was happening.

I even found it difficult to be present and happy with my children. They were everything to me, and I was incredibly aware of how much they needed me as a positive influence in their life. But my happiness and health were both deteriorating fast. Each day returning home from work work, despite all the will in the world, I just had nothing left to give.

It was indeed a scary time and I felt desperate to find a solution. The only thing I knew was to pull out of the spin. Just as I had done several years previous, I decided to save up enough money to support my family for 6 months with a view to taking some time off to recover and gain a little perspective as to what I might do next.

A new beginning
From the moment I decided to take time off and look after myself, that constant feeling of being at odds with the world finally revealed its flip side. This manifested as a strangely powerful sense of knowing. A firm belief I was absolutely capable of doing this another way. That feeling was so distinct, so magnetic and yet I couldn’t explain it. What was it I knew? …I had no idea, but it was comforting somehow. At that point I was completely unsure of what my next step would be, but knew it would present itself to me, once I had the courage to start the ball rolling.

As soon as I’d saved enough money to support my family for 6 months, I let my existing contract expire and stopped accepting offers of further work. Within a week, I came into contact with fresh options that immediately attracted my attention. Options that excited me because they resonated heavily with that unexplainable feeling of knowing. And in following that, I found myself embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Educating myself with new skills, meeting new people, connecting with a network of mentors, and most importantly getting back in touch with the dreams and aspirations that I’d long forgotten about.

My life today

Having removed myself from the soul-crushing model of the traditional workplace and connected with a diverse community of like-minded people, I’ve gained the perspective to not only formulate my own plan of how I want my life to look, but also start putting it into practice. One half of that plan is about providing me with the freedom to earn more money, have heaps more time to enjoy it with my family, and be able to do all that from wherever in the world I choose, and within the hours I choose.

This means earning a living fits around my life, rather than my life fitting around earning a living. I can once again devote as much quality time to my children, my family, my friends, my passions and interests as I wish. And when I’m with them, I’m REALLY with them.

But the other half of that plan is about bringing the very same possibility into the lives of people who are still out there and going through the same pain, frustration and lack of fulfilment that I was. The possibility of a life that most people don’t believe is achievable for them, simply because they don’t know any different. For me, the ability to share such a powerful solution to such a painful problem motivates me far beyond what I could experience by only working toward my own benefit.

Living this opportunity has reconnected me with my purpose in a way that eliminates the divided states of work and pleasure. No longer are there times when I’m waiting for something to end so I can do what I want to do …only to find out there’s not enough time anyway. Now I’m very much alive and fully engaged 100% of the time, because my life is once again my own. What was once an unexplainable gut feeling has now galvanised into a clear and purposeful vision of actually making a worthwhile difference in people’s lives (which includes my own). A vision that benefits all involved and pulls me irresistibly forward every single day.

For that, I’m eternally grateful.

My mission

My mission is to empower people with the knowledge that no matter what their background, their future happiness is in their own hands. That they can in fact create a life of their own design, fuelled entirely by their own unique personal strengths. A life where they are no longer held back by self doubt or what has happened in the past, but instead realise the true potential of who they really are, feel good about that, and harness it every day. That no matter what they think of their own abilities, they already have absolutely everything they need to set out on achieving anything they want. My mission is to effectively communicate to people, that this isn’t just some utopian waffle I dreamed up because I want it to be true. But that this is a very real possibility for quite literally anyone who feels they are worth so much more than the world lets them believe. That the freedom to live as they wish is their birthright, and that their ability to start doing so, begins right now.

My vision

If myself and others of like mind are successful in our mission, millions of people will joyfully wake up to the power of their own creation. They will forge a meaningful life of sharing and confident communication, safe in the knowledge they are intrinsicly connected to each other and all things. They will live at peace, and in acceptance for the desires of others, because they live the reality of there being unlimited abundance for all. They will choose to love and celebrate their life without apology, and know they have absolutely nothing to lose.

My purpose

Purpose isn’t something I take lightly. I’ve invested considerably into a deep exploration of exactly what that means for me. This is because I know a true purpose is something that you can live by. Something that transcends the boundaries of what we “do” and better defines who we are. When we are living in alignment with our true purpose, we experience great fulfilment. We all experience this in some way or another at some point in our lives, but all too often, the reality is we forget our reasons why we do what we do, get stuck in old habits and allow the means to become the end. Suffering inevitably sets in, and we’re lost in trying to find out what’s gone wrong.

For me personally, going through the very intentional process of defining my purpose and core values, has given me an understanding of myself that helps me live every day with the clarity and confidence I need to stay happy, irrespective of how the world changes. It gives me something constant and unwavering to refer to in any given situation. A compass to navigate my life. And for this reason I know I can achieve anything I want as it is happiness that brings success, not success that brings happiness.

My purpose statement is shown below and expresses itself in two parts. The first part being what I do, the second being the desired result, and therefore why I do it.

To kindly and respectfully give others the perspective and confidence to create a joyful and impactful life so they have the opportunity to live fulfilled in making a worthwhile difference.

This statement doesn’t hold any real meaning to anybody other than myself because it’s MY purpose. The reason I share this here, is to show you what gives me the understanding of my character necessary to navigate my life in a way that benefits myself and those around me. 

My core values

Core values are the re-occurring themes that show themselves throughout our lives via patterns of emotional response to our individual life experiences. This helps us understand what is truly important for each of us and gives us the opportunity to love our life. Everyone’s core values are different, but when we live our life in alignment with them, we experience confidence, peace of mind and lasting happiness.

In digging deep, going right back and exploring the most emotive situations in my life, I’ve been able to uncover my top ten core values. These are the things that I’ve found are most important for me to have in my own life. That being the case, these are also the things that I’m most likely to bring to life myself.

Peace – It gives me great pain to witness people knowingly harm each other, whether it be physically or emotionally. It’s my view that life itself is tough enough, without adding to the burden of suffering. A peaceful life gives me the space I need to see clearly.
Loving kindness – To show kindness to others is to show kindness to myself. The immediate feedback I feel when doing this is the same feeling as when those most dear show kindness to me. Kind actions begin with kind thought.
Compassion – Closely linked with empathy. It’s important for me to understand a person’s position so I can form an effective connection and make a worthwhile difference that is appropriate to their needs.
Integrity – For me, this is a combination of honesty, respect and consistency. Doing the right thing is often not the easy option, but means I can sleep at night knowing I can trust myself to simply be myself …always.
Connection – I very much value meaningful conversation. The deeper it goes, the happier I am, because I have a passion to explore, get to the root of things and understand. I also believe that all things and all living beings are intrinsicly connected.
Clarity – That moment when all concepts and ideas fall into place and galvanise as knowing. My appreciation for clarity and how much energy it conserves, means my communication with others is as clear and informative as possible.
Open-mindedness – This is a key element of any success I’ve had in life. Things are constantly changing and so it’s my responsibilty to ensure my mind is flexible and ready to take on new ideas. What is true today may be false tomorrow.
Personal growth – We are part of an ever expanding universe, and so it’s no surprise we feel at our best when we’re learning and growing. Making sure I learn something new every day also means I constantly increase my value to others.
Freedom – Freedom of choice in how I live my life is of paramount importance to me, because I’m the only one who knows how best to apply myself in this world. Only I can decide how I will be most effective in bringing happiness to myself and others.
Wholeheartedness – When I do something, I do it fully. To be present, here and now, actively engaged in every thought and every action, is essential to maintain a healthy connection with myself and the world around me.

How do I earn my living?

As an affiliate marketer and digital entrepreneur, I have partnered with a conscious and forward thinking company called The Six Figure Mentors (SFM). They are a well established education provider, specialising in helping people build and run successful online businesses for themselves. And by successful, I don’t just mean financially. We are talking about a business that indulges a person’s interest and passion, bringing them much enthusiasm and joy, allowing them to thrive rather than just survive.

SFM was founded in 2010 by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, two highly successful, 8-figure earners in the field of online marketing. To this day, they remain incredibly driven and motivated in their vision to empower everyday people to step out of dependence and in to a more fulfilled life. Every angle of this journey is covered to ensure the best possible chance of a lasting solution for those willing to undertake the work required to set themselves free.

So, when I say I’m an Affiliate Marketer, what does that mean? For me, it means creating digital content such as YouTube videos and blog posts to share my journey in getting past certain problems or achieving certain goals in my life. In sharing this information, I naturally attract and establish contact with others, who are experiencing difficulty with similar issues, and to whom I can provide educational and practical solutions that greatly improve their quality of life. Everything I recommend is something I have direct experience of helping me along in my journey, and so truly believe in it’s power and value to others.

The business model here is that I get paid a commission for the sale of products or services made as a result of that contact, but I’m very intentional in not involving myself with any kind of manipulative sales techniques or trying to convince people. The main reason for that is I believe in both myself and my solutions to the point where I know they will sell themselves. My job is to simply bring those solutions to the attention of the right people who are already looking for them, and provide support where I can. This is how I leverage and harness the power of today’s global online economy.

For myself and those I’m affiliated with, this remains a human to human business that is as much about interaction and forging genuine relationships as it is about earning a living. After all, I only come into contact with anybody on the basis that we have something in common we both really care about. Maybe they too are frustrated by constantly working long hours and want to be able to give their children the time and energy they deserve? Maybe they too know their life is worth so much more than just keeping their head above water, with little to no say in their future? Maybe they too have a passion or interest they never have the time to indulge?

Whatever the pain point or reason for initial contact, the ability to actually make a positive difference in people’s lives and support them along the way, makes the difficulty of my journey even more worthwhile. And in this way the payback is great. Concentrating on this as my driving motivation keeps me in touch with my core values which is the source of my happiness and fulfilment. There are of course other desirable side-effects such as an abundance of time, energy, inspiration, freedom and money to aid me in following my dreams and leading by example.

From my own experience, I recognise that making any major change in life takes courage and determination. That’s why I consider it of paramount importance to surround ourselves with the right people that will provide us with the necessary support during that time. People who actually care about who they are helping because they’ve faced the same challenges and know how it feels to be in that situation. By using my own skills and experience, and leveraging a network of mentorship that has already proved invaluable for me, I can provide the support and guidance necessary to help those I meet make the right decisions whilst tackling these often tricky life situations.

Can you relate?

If you’ve identified with anything I’ve written here and want to know more, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form. I’d love to hear your story and start a conversation. Alternatively, go right ahead and get started with your your own journey of self-discovery. You can also enter your details in the form below to receive our 7-part video series, showing you how this can be possible for you. 


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